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Nova Cool nano
A major break-through in temperature sensitive, medication protection

Used by First Responders, Emergency Crews, Doctors and Travelers alike, Nova Cool nano products are the preferred choice of medication protection when access to regular cooling sources is not available, either in the field or while traveling.

The use of polyester material placed into a vacuum chamber, bombarded with millions of aluminum dust particles bonding to the polyester material - creates in effect a material out of a metal - which can be shaped, cut and sewn into a variety of products.

The aluminum component, a great temperature barrier, maintaining either hot or cold ambient temperatures for measurable time spans, allows for temperature sensitive medication protection
in bags or containers made with Nova Cool nano material.

Cooling times can be increased significantly with the insertion of freezer gels packs. Conversely, freezer gel packs immersed in plus 60 degree Celsius water and then inserted into Nova Cool nano bags can keep cold sensitive contents warm for prolonged time intervals.

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