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Diabetic Bag
Diabetics need to keep their insulin injections, either in pen or vial form, as cool as possible.This is especially important when traveling in hot climates and during the hot summer months.

The inserted soft foam material has the added advantage of protecting the vials and accessories also against unforeseen drops or shocks.

Price: $39.95 cdn

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The diabetic bag comes in two parts:
An inserted foldable pouch which has 2 sleeves for pens or vials, as well as a cold gel bag already secured with stretch bands.

This very practical pouch has a Velcro band closure, and is ideal for short term use when there are no extreme temperatures to contend with.

For longer protective use when traveling, there is the additional roll-bag with zipper closure which creates an additional all-around insulation protection for the foldable pouch, which is the inserted into it.

Application instruction:
• Put folding pouch with enclosed gel bag in refrigerator, and fold prior to trip and put into roll-bag.
• The roll-bag has the added advantage that it can store necessary accessories such as bloods meter, blood-sugar test strips, diabetic's test diary, medical history, etc.

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