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Medication vials should be stored in an organized, breakage resistant way, especially for General Practitioners making house or emergency calls.

Vial access should be quick and sure.

Medi-Roll not only meets these requirements but has added an extremely important function, namely insulation with Nova Cool against heat or cold.

Price: $39.95 cdn

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The Medi-Roll consists of two parts:
1) Vial carrier with rubber stretch straps for 15 small vials, 4 medium sized vials and 4 large vials - the optimum requirement based on interviews with 40 General Practitioners.

The foam-inlay protects the vials - one against the other - when Medi-Roll is rolled up, after use. Velcro straps ensure quick closing and opening of the Medi-Roll.

2) The carrier bag (in round can format) gives additional insulation protection and allows a quick retrieval of the Medi-Roll. It can also be used to give insulation protection to infusion bottles.

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